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【#精選報導|#人工智慧】 Expert offers in-depth look at conversational #AI and its vendors


How the technology can help both caregivers and patients, and offers health IT leaders some valuable advice.

📝. Why should conversational AI be important to healthcare CIOs and other health IT leaders today❓

✅. Among all industries in the world, healthcare is the one that's all about people, people such as doctors and nurses who are helping other people, patients, get better.

📝. How are healthcare provider organizations leveraging conversational AI to better serve patients and staff❓

✅. There are many ways in which providers today can leverage conversational AI, but there are three most common types of use-cases.

📝. Everest Group recently evaluated 20 major vendors in the conversational AI arena. Which vendors have the vision and the capabilities to deliver innovative solutions and make a significant market impact❓

✅. Conversational AI is an evolving space where we are seeing vendors making investments to innovate and improve their products.

📝. What is the future of conversational AI in healthcare? What should healthcare CIOs and other health IT leaders keep their eyes on❓

✅. In all honesty, the healthcare industry is a bit late to this party. Industries like BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) and telecom already have been reaping the benefits of conversational AI for several years now. In fact, in the 2019-20 period, spend on conversational AI grew by almost 80%, primarily driven by those industries.


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