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【#TMUxBExSCHS Demo Day|#Panel Discussion part II】

【#TMUxBExSCHS Demo Day|#Panel Discussion part II】 想了解不同國家的生醫新創產業生態系的差異嗎?面對這些差異應該如何應對? 🩺Yona Vaisbuch |Program Director, Biodesign Israel 他不只是一位醫師,同時也是一位卓越的企業家! Yona Vaisbuch是一位在醫療與健康產業有著豐富工作經驗的首席醫務官,他的專業技能涵蓋了臨床研究、醫學教育、移動醫療,甚至是創業等多個面向,對於醫療產業的推進不遺餘力! 🩺Lee Phin Peng|Deputy Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign Innovation & Enterprise A*STAR Dr. Phin Peng Lee是一位在生物材料、奈米技術及表現工程等多個生物工程面受過專業訓練的醫療科技企業家,在生物工程上面擁有豐富的研究經驗與貢獻! 🩺吳麥斯|台北醫學大學 副校長 吳麥斯副校長積極參與創新醫療技術的研發和推廣,特別是在人工智慧和數據分析的應用上方面!也持續推動醫學教育與研究的發展,無論是在醫療領域或學術界,都有著重要的貢獻! 立即索取Demo Day入場票券,跟上生醫新創的最新趨勢👉🏻 The lineup of the first group of panelists is impressive, and the second group is equally noteworthy. Not only do we have esteemed guests from Stanford Biodesign, but we have also invited the Vice President of Taipei Medical University to participate in this Panel Discussion. 🩺Yona Vaisbuch|Program Director, Biodesign Israel Yona Vaisbuch is not only a physician but also an exceptional entrepreneur! He is an experienced chief medical officer with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and industry. Vaisbuch also has strong professional skills in clinical research, medical education, mobile health, and entrepreneurship. His efforts dedicated toward advancing the healthcare industry are remarkable. 🩺Lee Phin Peng|Deputy Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign Innovation & Enterprise A*STAR Dr. Phin Peng Lee is a medtech entrepreneur who has received specialized training in various aspects of bioengineering, including biomaterials, nanotechnology, and surface engineering. Due to extensive research experience and numerous contributions to the field of bioengineering, Dr. Phin Peng Lee has made significant advancements in the development of medical technologies. 🩺Dr. Mai-Szu Wu|Vice-President, Taipei Medical University Dr. Mai-Szu Wu actively engages in the research and promotion of innovative medical technologies, particularly in the application of artificial intelligence and data analytics. He is dedicated to advancing medical education and research, making significant contributions in both the medical field and academia. Are you interested in discovering the differences in the biotech startup ecosystems across different countries? Are you wondering how to navigate these differences effectively? Don't miss out on this Demo Day and register now! Experienced industry seniors will help you gain a deeper understanding of these insights. Register for your Demo Day ticket now 👉🏻 【Panel Discussion #Part2 💡Topic: Best practices in building a strong national biomedical innovation ecosystem. 🎤Moderator- Wayne Huang|Dean, IRCAD Taiwan 👤 Yona Vaisbuch|Program Director, Biodesign Israel 👤 Lee Phin Peng|Deputy Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign Innovation & Enterprise A*STAR 👤 Mai-Szu Wu|Vice-President, Taipei Medical University #TMU #TMUBioMedAccelerator #北醫生醫加速器 #秀傳醫療體系 #比翼 ---- 訂閱 #TMU BioMed Accelerator『Newsletter』 ,我們將提供國內外 #智慧醫療 #創新 #創業 #產業 第一手資訊 生醫創新趨勢相關資訊 重要生醫新創產業新知 主題性之生醫創業議題


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【#活動推薦】2024年11月 臺日智慧醫療領域CEO商談會

【#活動推薦】 智慧醫療領域赴日商談活動,開始報名 2024年度「臺日智慧醫療領域CEO商談會」報名開跑啦 由經濟部中小及新創企業署與日本中小企業基盤整備機構(SMRJ)共同合作辦理。 今年聚焦#智慧醫療 領域,透過SMRJ營運的J-GoodTech商機媒合平台及實地訪日,辦理跨國媒合活動,創造臺灣與日本企業商談機會! 訪日期間,除商談會外,更規劃實地參訪行程,強化媒合效益,有意參加的業者歡迎聯繫

【#活動推薦】CGT-Vax Discovery Symposium

【#活動推薦】 CellTech Accelerator共同與Mosaic Venture Lab、亞洲細胞與基因治療協會 (ASCGT)及台灣疫苗產業協會 (TAVI),誠邀您參加CGT-Vax Discovery Symposium。 CGT-Vax Discovery Symposium將展示亞太地區最先進的 #生物醫療 技術,包括但不限於 #細胞與基因治療、#疫苗研發 與 #製造技術 以及


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