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【#EVENT|#2022PH】 2022 Presidential Hackathon – International Track📣📣📣Call for your participation


💚Net-zero is becoming a top priority for protecting our environment.

💡2022 Presidential Hackathon – International Track Challenge Theme: Climate Action –Practicing Net Zero

💡 We call for hackers to join us on taking climate action. 💪

👉We are inviting potential participants to join introductory webinar. Civic hackers will share their experience during past hackathon challenge!


Presidential Hackathon is an initiative launched in 2018 by the Taiwanese government, encouraging collaboration among data owners, data scientists and field experts to find solutions to common issues with the help of technology and innovative ideas.

💚About Challenge Theme

According to the data released by the United Nations, 56.2% of the global population lives in cities. However, greenhouse gas emissions exist in many aspects of urban life, including transportation, buildings, waste, electricity, food and more. Therefore, city-based actions toward net-zero carbon emissions will not only quickly respond to the need of lowering urban carbon footprints, but facilitate the introduction of technological and industrial transformation, and create opportunities for urban sustainability.


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【#活動推薦】2024年11月 臺日智慧醫療領域CEO商談會

【#活動推薦】 智慧醫療領域赴日商談活動,開始報名 2024年度「臺日智慧醫療領域CEO商談會」報名開跑啦 由經濟部中小及新創企業署與日本中小企業基盤整備機構(SMRJ)共同合作辦理。 今年聚焦#智慧醫療 領域,透過SMRJ營運的J-GoodTech商機媒合平台及實地訪日,辦理跨國媒合活動,創造臺灣與日本企業商談機會! 訪日期間,除商談會外,更規劃實地參訪行程,強化媒合效益,有意參加的業者歡迎聯繫

【#活動推薦】CGT-Vax Discovery Symposium

【#活動推薦】 CellTech Accelerator共同與Mosaic Venture Lab、亞洲細胞與基因治療協會 (ASCGT)及台灣疫苗產業協會 (TAVI),誠邀您參加CGT-Vax Discovery Symposium。 CGT-Vax Discovery Symposium將展示亞太地區最先進的 #生物醫療 技術,包括但不限於 #細胞與基因治療、#疫苗研發 與 #製造技術 以及


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