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Medical Employee Burn-Out Seminar and Solution "Israel Officially Hosted International Forum"

Covid-19疫情造成各國醫療單位的 #醫事人員 嚴重的 #工作負擔. 因此醫療單位逐漸重視醫事人員在 #過勞 及健康方面的問題The Covid-19 epidemic has caused a serious #burn-out for #medical personnel in various countries. Therefore, healthcare organizations gradually pay attention to the problems of #burn-out and health of medical personnel.

本次研討會帶來豐碩的知識收穫 1.以色列及各國的醫療組織正面臨著醫療工作者過重的醫事工作挑戰 2.針對6種類型的挑戰在線上開6個虛擬會議室, 進行以色列公司的技術介紹

活動費用Fees| 免費, 但需先進行線上註冊 活動網站Event website|

Organizer|Israel Health IL Partners|Ministry of Economy of Israel, EIT European Institute of Innovation & Technology, Ministry of Health of Israel

同場加映 『駐台北以色列經濟貿易辦事處』 Israel Economic and Trade Office in Taipei


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