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20211029 TMU BioMed Accelerator-English Subtitle
TMU Biomed Accelerator

20211029 TMU BioMed Accelerator-English Subtitle


Our Team

Jowy Tani

Chief Executive Officer

  • Deputy Secretary-General, Taiwan Neurological Society

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology, Taipei Medical University

  • Director, Wan Fang Hospital Sleep Medicine Center

  • Deputy Director, Wan Fang Hospital Biomed Innovation Center, Stanford Biodesign Global Faculty Alum.

  • Berkeley-Taiwan Biomedical (BTB) Fellow

Sharon Yi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

mentored more than 40 startup companies from local to international, invested in 6 startup companies. Involved in establishment relationship with Stanford University Biodesign , UCSF QB3-Roseman accelerator, Japan's MedTech Angel.

Also a project manager of the Industrial Liaison Center of Business Development Office of Taipei Medical University. Since joining Taipei Medical University in 2017, responsible in the industry-university cooperation with closed deal amount of NT$159 million.

  • PI BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD/Co-Founder/ BD Director


  • KIM FOREST ENTERPRISE CO., LTD / Business Manager

  • GENMALL BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD / Technical Specialist, Product Marketing Manager, Business Manager

  • Department of Biotechnology, China Medical UniversityMaster of Biomedical Sciences

  • Zhongxing UniversityInstitute of Biochemistry, Academia Sinica

Sebastian Ku

Project Manager

Experience in building a startup training school includes leading innovation technology and entrepreneurship related education and training program, conducting series of entrepreneurship camp; establish event for local technical community building and collaborations; building infrastructure for incubation and accelerator branding, customer service, digital assets, and internal data and operation, stuffs management. Has established more than 400 innovative and entrepreneurship, technical training-related courses.

  • Executive Deputy Manager SYNTREND startup foundation

  • Project Manager American Innovation Center

  • Program Partner / Advisor American Institue in Taiwan

  • Product Design LaSalle SIA College of Arts

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